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About Zhongtai

Zhongtai group, founded in 1992, is a diversified group company based on real estate and multi-industry. Our main businesses include real estate, property management and services, international telecom operation and mobile internet, big data, health management and leisure and entertainment.
Zhongtai group provides high-quality products and perfect services to improve people’s wellbeing in China for more than 20 years. We have accumulated rich experience in the whole development process of the real estate from fund raising and investing planning, development and construction, commercial operation to property services. We have been deeply focusing on “the Great Bay Area”, forming the strategic layout of the real estate in the three big regions of "Southern China", "Central China" and "southwest". Also, we are the strategic partner of the ARA foundation under the Cheung Kong group in providing professional property management and service for many landmarks in big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai.
In order to keep pace with the times and develop with the world simultaneously, Zhongtai group, together with Gugngdong Guangye group co., ltd, Jusfoun Bigdata, and South East Asia telecom group ltd., has provided diversified, deep profound, all-round, personalized high-quality new services to both domestic and international clients by applying the new era information technology and large data technology.
Zhongtai has always been adhering to the development value which is “Moderation and honesty; Accumulate richly and break forth vastly”, taking “Pursuit of perfection. Build the century brand with classic” as our main mission. We are working on building a century foundation.


Zhongtai Group

  • address:46 floor,B tower, Center Plaza, No. 161 Lin Xi Road, Tianhe District , Guangzhou,Guangdong.
  • Tel:020-38251333
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